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Self Compasion: Caring for Ourselves So We Can Care for Others

Like the parent who uses the mask in an airplane emergency first, before helping the child, we need to attend to our long-range well-being. We need to attend to the signs of burnout of resentment. Cultivating our own awakening and joy, we may truly be of use, and naturally seek the well-being of others. Below are some simple ideas and articles for fostering self compassion.

Articles for this Time
Small Daily Actions

Our goal is to be mindful and self-compassionate in daily life. This means (1) know when you are under stress or suffering (mindfulness) and (2) to respond with care and kindness (self-compassion). The simplest approach is to discover how you already care for yourself, and then remind yourself to do those things when your life becomes difficult.
  • Physically:
    How do you care for yourself physically? (e.g. exercise, massage, warm bath, cup of tea)?
    Can you think of new ways to release the tension and stress that builds up in your body?

  • Mentally - reduce agitation
    How do you care for your mind, especially when you are under stress (e.g. meditation, watch a funny movie, read an inspiring book)?
    Is there a new strategy you'd like to try to let your thoughts come and go more easily?

  • Emotionally - soothe and comfort yourself
    How do you care for yourself emotionally (pet the dog, journal, cook)?
    Is there something new you'd like to try?

  • Relationally - connect with others
    How or when do you relate to others that brings you genuine happiness (e.g. meet with friends, send a birthday card, play a game)?
    Is there any way that you'd like to enrich these connections?

  • Spiritually - commit to your values
    What do you do to care for yourself spiritually (pray, walk in the woods, help others)?
    If you've been neglecting your spirutal side, is there anything you'd like to remember to do?
A cattle list for change...

by Robert Lovitt